Reasons to invest in Bulgaria

  • Full member of the EU, from January 1st 2007. This has significantly increased property values of other new entrants.
  • The best value property in Europe, low materials costs, low labour costs, yet highest qualities.
    Prices 45% less than surrounding EU members. Plus superb facilities, superior to many other countries.
  • Membership of the EU will have enormous impact on the infrastructure of Bulgaria. EU funding has already had significant effect the infrastructure.
  • High rental returns, the fastest growing tourism industry in Europe, doubling in the next 5 years.
  • Low cost of living, best value for tourists.
  • Superb locations, the fastest growing ski resort in Europe, Bansko. 250km of golden beaches on the Black Sea.
  • Stable economy, currency linked to Euro.
  • Growing destination for low cost airlines, even more tourism opportunities.
  • Exclusive BANK guaranteed rentals available, investors can be sure of returns.

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