Bulgaria Life Style Guide

Bulgaria Life Style GuidePhoto by Pixabay.com

Bulgaria is located in South Eastern Europe, situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula bordering the Black Sea between Romania and Turkey. It has a long and cultured history being occupied by many people, including the Turks and the Soviets, but is now a democratic country with a booming market economy. Bulgaria is now a member of the E.U. The country offers several options in lifestyle choice…

Beach… On the Black Sea coastline there are over 200 km of beautiful sandy beaches offering contrasting resorts and townships varying from sleepy villages to large cosmopolitan resorts. The most famous beach resort is Sunny Beach, the holiday focus for all of Europe. Last year 200,000 visitors from the UK and Ireland enjoyed the resort. It is expected that in five years this figure will reach one million.

Ski… Bansko was recently called the “New St, Moritz” by a leading English newspaper. An excellent description. Bansko resort lies near the town of Blagoevgrad and is therefore close to the main thoroughfares to Greece and Southern Europe. Before being discovered by tourists Bansko was a sleepy traditional village at the foot of the Pirin mountain. Now, despite substantial growth, the charm of the old village survives and building development has been in sympathy with the original architecture. During the day magnificent new gondola lifts carry the skiers to the peaks where they enjoy the finest of facilities that Europe can offer.