Driving Spain

Many people ask us about driving in Spain for the first time. The roads are generally much quieter and once you become used to driving on the opposite side of the road, in a right hand drive car, driving can be quite pleasurable. Just remember to give your full concentration especially at junctions and roundabouts.

Spanish drivers are generally quite courteous, have more patience than drivers on our British roads, and are not as stressed or aggressive behind the wheel as the British average motorists.

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Having said that, when overtaking on the motorway do not be surprised to find someone flashing their lights to encourage you to move over more quickly. This is quite normal, flashing headlights on the continent often means something quite different than it does in the UK ; it usually means; here I am, can you see me?

If you become a Spanish resident you are not permitted to drive a car on foreign plates. If you do take your British vehicle you will need to arrange the transfer to Spanish plates once you receive your residency.

If you spend less than 183 days a year in Spain you can drive your UK vehicle on its original plates, you do not need to register it in Spain . Remember that you will still need a current MOT certificate and car insurance so you may need to time your returns to the UK accordingly.

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