Five years ago if you were asked where to invest in property in Europe, it is doubtful that Bulgaria would have been on your hit list.

However, as time has passed shrewd property investors have discovered the wealth of opportunities offered by this Eastern European gem and now it is top on the list for those seeking quality homes and excellent investments.

What has captured the imagination of the tough investors and convinced them that the Bulgarian property market is the place to be?

It is not one outstanding factor; it is the combination of several. First let’s take a look at the country. Dust off your map of Europe and see what Bulgaria has to offer. To begin with it is not land bound, it benefits from over 250 km  of magnificent golden beaches on the Black Sea. Black Sea? Is it really black? Far from it! You will not find a better blue or clearer ocean than that bordering Bulgaria. The coastline is full of contrasts.

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