Healthcare Tenerife

High quality medical care, both Private and National, is offered by a wide selection of Clinics and Hospitals. The Canarian’s are very health conscious indeed.

The Canary Islands are not exactly a “paradise” for exotic diseases and the worst you can get is a hangover from too much partying. But be aware of the risks from sunburn, dehydration or insect bites.

Many people come to Tenerife for its famous therapeutic value, especially visitors coming from Europe’s coldest weather looking for relief from ailments such as Arthritis and MS. Those with mobility problems should always check they have booked accommodation on the flatter parts of the island.

Medical insurance is strongly advised, even though EU citizens can obtain a refund of most medical costs by using form E111 (available from Health Offices in your country).

There are many English-speaking doctors and dentists. Your Hotel will always be able to recommend one. The local chemists (farmacia), recognisable by a green cross sign, will have just about anything you may require and there is always one open after hours in each area. The location of the ‘duty’ chemist is on every chemist’s window.

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