Healthcare Italy

The Italian national health system offers low-cost health care of a good standard with well trained doctors and medical staff. If you are over UK retirement age you are entitled to receive free medical care in any EU country in which you live on the same basis as any local person and so are your dependants. If you are working, hold a residence permit and are registered with local health authority you will also be covered by the local system. You will not automatically be covered if you are not working.

If you do not intend to live in your property but use it as a holiday home, you are entitled to emergency treatment under the EU arrangements if you hold form E111 when you travel. It is strongly advisable to take out a multi-visit or annual travel insurance policy usually providing cover above emergency level. Many people will take out a health insurance policy, often quite cheaply to cover aspects of healthcare that are not covered by the local system, according to their circumstances. Whatever your circumstances, you are strongly advised to fully check out the healthcare you are entitled to and make the necessary arrangements to cover any shortfall. We can assist you with this if required.

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