How to create an Italian style in the interior at home

How to create an Italian style in the interior at home?

Italian style can be embodied in almost any room due to the fact that it is based on two different directions – classical and modern, and each of them is attractive and interesting in its own way. For a complete transformation of the interior, you can ask for help from a decorator london, who will tell you which elements should be added, thanks to his experience.

Classic Italian style in the interior

The classical Italian style was created under the influence of ancient Rome, so you can find echoes of ancient architecture in its appearance. Such a design looks best in country houses and apartments with a spacious layout and high ceilings.

Mandatory attributes of the classic Italian style are columns, arches, colonnades. They allow not only to decorate the interior, but also visually zone the room. Another characteristic feature is decorative architectural elements in the form of stucco, bas–reliefs and cornices.

In the classic Italian style, there are necessarily large windows. Traditionally, curtains are not used in Italy, preferring blinds of various modifications.

Modern Italian style in the interior

Modern Italian style is ideal for decorating urban apartments. Modern Italian apartments are more like showrooms, which present novelties of the design world. At the same time, fashionable items can be organically combined with vintage products.

To implement the modern Italian style, rooms with a non-standard layout, with niches or protruding walls are well suited. With the help of an original design, it is worth emphasizing the strengths of rooms of unusual shape. This can be done by painting the walls in different colors. The painter north london will tell you the right combination of colors. The basis of the Italian style palette is shades of brown, yellow, green, beige, gray and blue.

The modern Italian interior is compact and high-tech. It is designed to create the most functional and at the same time comfortable environment.

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