How To Change Money Before Vacation

Now you can go to another country without any cash at all. If you can’t brag and say that “compro cupo dolares“, find out below different ways to get currency for a vacation trip and not only.

Withdraw currency from an ATM

To exchange money for currency, you should first withdraw money. Still, you can shorten the way and withdraw from an ATM banknotes not of your country, but immediately, for example, yuans or euros. The exchange rate for an ATM operation may differ from the rate at bank branches. So you can save.

Change money at the exchange point

The exchange rate in exchangers, as a rule, differs favourably from the bank. Still, you should negotiate. For example, ask to change at the rate of “from 10,000”, although in fact you change less.

Exchangers are perfect for those who want to change with the greatest benefit. Still, you will have to look for the best exchange rate, because no one is comparing the conditions in the exchangers and you will have to choose from those that caught your eye.

Withdraw money from a bank card abroad

Withdrawing cash abroad eliminates the need to carry much cash with you. This method will not save you money on the exchange, but it will not be a loss, especially if there is no withdrawal fee on your card.

The problem may be finding an ATM somewhere on the beach or in the mountains. It is better to see in advance where the bank branch is at the destination and go there.

Use a currency card

Open a currency card to pay and withdraw abroad without losing money on conversions.  Some cards offer bonuses: interest on the balance and cashback from purchases.

If you have a small amount and there is no need to fight for every penny, choose the option that is more convenient and safer. In the end, the vacation is already beginning, it’s worth saving time and nerves. Have a good rest!

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