Criteria for the stirrups selection

Criteria for the stirrups selection

Before engaging in any sport, safety is the first thing to consider. Equipment is very important in any business. In equestrian sports, this is a helmet and safety stirrups.

When choosing, you are confronted with various parameters. Of course, you need to compare products to determine which one is right for you.

When choosing your equipment, you should pay attention to things like weight and material. From the reviews, you will understand whether it is worth taking this or that thing, how long it serves, and how well it is made.

Stirrups are available in metal and plastic. The main difference between the two is their weight. Plastic stirrups are lighter, more comfortable for the horse (a ticklish horse is less worried) and do not freeze. They are much more convenient than metal ones, but only if you choose expensive models – cheap ones are short-lived, in the cold or on impact they can crack and they are too light (comfortable in the arena, but difficult to catch with your foot at a gallop in the fields). In addition, they are not safe for a novice rider – they have the same size, and if you, for example, are a large man, then they will simply be small for you. Metal stirrups are accordingly heavier and possibly more troublesome for the horse, especially if the horse is young and just starting to get involved.

The stirrup should be roomy enough: inexperienced riders often make the mistake of buying stirrups that match their summer boots, but are too small for winter thermal boots. An inadequate size can be distracting, uncomfortable, painful and jeopardize your safety.

Of course, the price is the most important selection criterion. It also plays an important role in the purchase. To save on your purchase, you can order safety stirrups online.

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