How to pack for the move

How to pack for the move?

Each of us has definitely faced or will face a move, so you need to be ready for this event and know all the subtleties so that it goes quickly and painlessly.

It is the correct reliable packaging that will ensure the safety of your furniture or things, will simplify loading, unloading and unpacking after the move, and therefore adaptation to the new place.

The first thing to store before moving is, of course, packing materials. Poor quality or improper packaging characteristics will negate all your further efforts, will not provide protection of things. The most versatile type of packaging is specialized boxes for moving from dense multi-layer corrugated with fields for marking.

It is not enough to simply pack and assemble things correctly.  Marking will help to facilitate the process of unpacking things in a new home.  If the boxes you purchased do not have special fields for marking, then do not be too lazy to mark them yourself. The more detail you sign the boxes, the more convenient it will be to find the necessary items. Indicate the room, the room from which the items were collected, the item of furniture (items from a drawer, closet or bedside table, for example), the type of items (clothes, dishes, documents) and which family members belong. Additionally, for clarity, you can use different colors of tape or markers, assigning a different color to each room.  So even with a cursory glance at the box, it will be clear – the things from which room are packed into it. Mark packages with brittle, beating objects correctly, use the inscription «glass» or special icons. All boxes must be signed on several sides before moving.

When preparing for the move, be sure to make a numbered list of all the boxes, with a brief indication of what items are packed in each.  Such list will greatly help you out on the day of the move, since it is very convenient to check on it whether everything was loaded into the car, whether all the things have reached the new address, and after that it will save time and effort in finding the right thing.

Let’s dwell separately on the packaging of equipment:

TVs and monitors should be wrapped with air bubble wrap, then with corrugated cardboard, the corners should be additionally strengthened.  The screen will protect an additional sheet of cardboard, place it in the first layer, before the film.

 If your refrigerator requires “defrosting”, take care of this in advance.  Then take out all containers, shelves, drawers, boxes – it is better to pack them separately.  Secure the door using paper tape.  You can protect the walls with cardboard and foil.  Remember – the refrigerator is always transported upright.

 Small appliances should be wrapped in several layers of “bubble”, then simply fold each item into a box to fit.

 Wires, cables and other similar things are optimally packed and transported together with the items to which they belong.

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