Why so many expats are choosing Malta for their retirement?

Why so many expats are choosing Malta for their retirement?

At one time, the Knights Hospitallers appreciated the convenience of the Maltese harbors – they founded Valletta and stayed here for many years. In general, the Maltese lead a relaxed lifestyle. The maritime climate and the high number of sunny days are beneficial for health and reduce stress levels. Compared to megacities, life on the island flows slowly and without haste at all. The flip side of this is the lack of respect for time. Maltese people can have long conversations right at the crossroads, be late for business meetings, prefer meetings over exchanging emails. It is difficult for a resident of a large city to get used to a relaxed rhythm. Tourists come here not only to sunbathe on the beaches, but also to study historical monuments.

The southernmost European country attracts expats in a relatively simple way to obtain citizenship. For investments, you can get an EU passport, which gives you the right to live in any European country. Citizenship by naturalization can only be made after 6 years of permanent residence in the country.

Affordable prices compared to other European countries

The island has inexpensive food and cheap public transport. The cost of a dinner, even in a famous restaurant, is slightly lower than a dinner in Paris or London. Utilities are also inexpensive. Further, if you use an air conditioner and do not save water, the utility bill will not exceed 50 euros per person.

A wide choice of accommodation

In recent years, real estate construction has been actively developing, so you can easily find flats for sale in Malta & Gozo. Property prices are low compared to other European countries. A two-room apartment outside the capital can be rented for 500 euros per month.

A comfortable Mediterranean climate

Malta has 300 days of sunshine a year, with mild summers without extreme heat. In winter, the temperature does not drop below +10 degrees.

The low crime rate

This is one of the safest states in Europe. According to statistics, there are 0.3 violent crimes per 1000 people per year. In recent years, the number of thefts has increased, but there are slightly fewer of them than in other resorts. The Maltese are worried about this growth, as they are accustomed to not closing their homes.

Good conditions for businessmen

For international companies, there are several options for tax payments, which makes the business comfortable. In general, it is a stable state for entrepreneurs with a low risk of political upheaval. Starting a business is complicated only by the high level of bureaucracy.

High level of infrastructure development

Due to the small size of the country, electricity, telephones and the Internet are everywhere. The public transport system is well developed; you can get to different cities and towns by bus.

Free medicine for working citizens

If you make social security contributions, you can get medical services free of charge. Private insurance is inexpensive, covers all services, and allows you to be served in private clinics without queues.

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